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About Us

Arts and Music Center studio

Our mission is to help each child and adult develop a life-long love of music.

Since 1989, we have offered the finest piano, music and movement classes for Puget Sound area families. Our qualified, patient, caring teachers are ready to educate and expand our students' creative minds with small class settings, positive environments, and emphasis on joyful and healthy music making.

We make it FUN and CREATIVE!

Arts & Music Center has served over 1,200 happy students and their families since its 1989 inception. Director Darlene Maxwell's influence on the lives of young children can be seen in the students' continuation of music involvement throughout the area. Hundreds of these children have grown in their musical aptitude and enjoyment by staying with a musical program from birth into their teenage years, with an overwhelming number of siblings also joining, promoting the involvement of whole families in the enjoyment of music.

About the Director

Director Darlene Maxwell

Director Darlene Maxwell received her undergraduate musical training at Washington State University and continues her education through seminars, workshops and specialty courses. As a result, Arts & Music Center reflects the most up-to-date knowledge of music and brain development, child development, and teaching techniques for young children through adults. The curricula offered at Arts & Music Center is a culmination of 40 years of teaching experience.

Darlene has been a leader in the Kindermusik International company, being instrumental in founding the Puget Sound Kindermusik Teachers Association, becoming well-known across the US and Canada for her service as an officer of the National Kindermusik Educators Association and her consulting work and travel for Kindermusik International. In recognition of her fine teaching, she was selected by Kindermusik International to pilot new curricula for children and their families and to develop training materials and methods for new Kindermusik teachers.

Darlene's additional musical experiences include church organist, children's choir director, studio piano, and music and movement teaching. She is married with four children, as well as grandchildren.